108 Sun Salutations – Noon, Sunday September 22nd at The Studio

Get rid of stress, prepare for fall, or get the best detoxing of your life!!! , and cleanse … at Noon – Sunday 22nd… a special class!

Transition to Autumn by completing the 108 Sun Salutations mala. Most people who have done this say they feel even 10X better from it than a yoga class! The constant rhythm creates some amazing detoxing.

You can work to your body’s capacity, but I promise, if you can do 25 Sun Salutations… and be mindful you can do 108! (This is my 40th time leading this class and this has been the consensus).

This will be handled as a regular yoga class… drop in or use your membership.

For about 3000 years, yogis have done 108 malas or ‘countings’ at the seasonal shifts. There is a sacred significance to 108 in many spiritual traditions. (54 letters in the sanskrit alphabet x 2). For instance, there are 108 beads in the mala (beads) and the rosary. Whether or not you put much into the 108 number (I don’t per say), this is a great way to transition to the new season! As we practice this meditative flow, we burn off the impurities of yesterday and come into the light of the sun more vibrant than before.

Challenge yourself to complete a traditional yoga mala.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at Noon!

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