Reason of the Buddha…. Nature of Subjectivity

This is Sam Harris speaking to a conference of atheists.  Sam Harris is a neuro-scientist generally regarded as one of the “New Atheists” along with Chris Hitchens and Richard Dawkins who often speak out against religion.  Here, Sam speaks some uncomfortable truths for some in his own movement to the benefit of honoring spiritual experience.

This is one of the videos I have all my teacher trainees watch before their opening weekend.  Part of our yoga practice especially as teachers (but even overall for dedicated practitioners) is to honor all paths, including atheism.  To say we honor all paths sounds nice, but it also helpful to contextualize how we honor all paths.  Yoga is not out to change anyone’s beliefs, just to provide tools to become more ourselves and more alive and more deeply ourselves.

This is the reason of the Buddha. Enjoy.

Training Testimonial

I already instruct yoga classes, but have chosen to continue my studies with Alex Pfeiffer, and find most of the information in his training to be new, advanced, and extremely beneficial in refining my teaching skills.

Alex has an incredible ability to create a safe space and trust among the students in his teacher training.  I look forward to seeing the people I train with, as we have become a close and loving community. Sometimes I wish every weekend was yoga teacher training weekend!  I am an active person, and Alex offers an education that I can incorporate into all of my movements, whether it is yoga, soccer, swimming, or biking.  His approach to alignment is one that helps the student find their brightest expression of the pose, and I have never felt as alive as where Alex guides me in my yoga practice. If you have hit a wall in your practice, or just want to take things deeper, this training takes you there.  And if you are seriously considering teaching yoga, you will leave this training feeling well equipped with knowledge of the human body and well practiced in guiding your students through some amazing yoga classes.

- Cari Gilligan, current trainee


What is Yoga Practice?

Simple enough question, right?  How many times per week do we mention our “yoga practice”.   Here is how I address the question with new teacher trainees….

There are 3 pieces to this yoga teacher training:

1)  Deepening your own yoga practice.
2)  Learning to help others deepen their yoga practice (teaching)
3)  Applying yogic principles, particularly the deep resonance of your personal yoga practice, to your broader life in order to live truer to yourself.

That is the training in a nutshell.  If you imagine these 3 items in 3 intersecting circles (venn diagram), you’ll note the intersecting piece is that these all contain “yoga practice.”  Therefore this is how the training launches – everything in the training ties back to this moment… a moment of being fully human.





Free Teacher Training Q&A Sessions:
This Sunday May 22nd, 3pm at Kaivalya
This Tuesday, May 24th, at Perfect Knot, 9:10pm

More Links & info on this June’s fast approaching Yoga Teacher Training

Basic Information

Welcome to the Madison Yoga Teacher Training Website!

The Next Teacher Training is scheduled to begin on June 9th, 8pm – 10pm at The Studio on Machinery Row.

This site is currently getting a major overhaul / revamping, so right now you’ll just see the bare bones of it.  There will be some fun videos in just a few days for your viewing enjoyment.  These will give you a sense of the teacher training. In the meantime, there are a lot of resources you can go to:  you can get a lot out of the catalog:   Spring 2011 Catalog Here….

the Application to the Teacher Training is also available.   (Applications due on June 6th, a few days before your first module).   You may also find this article about the style, orientation of the training helpful.  Also, on facebook, I’ve written a little bit about the practicals (Why this training is accessible to You) of the training (which, of course, are as important as the overall mood & scope of the training).

Also, feel free to browse the Kaivalya (studio where training will be held) Website.

If you have questions about the training, any questions, do not hesitate to email me:

Even e-mail me if you just want to declare your interest.  That way, I can chat with you sometime after class and see what it is you want out of the training to see if this one is a good fit.

There is also a free Q&A about the Teacher Training at Kaivalya on Sunday May 22nd at 3pm, and another free Q&A at the Perfect Knot at 9:10pm on Tuesday May 24th.

More soon to come!