Training Testimonial – More than the Mat

The Yoga Teacher Training is more than learning to teach yoga in your full light.  It is more than taking everything on the mat to a new level.  It is also about taking the feeling you get from your mat and expanding that into infinite areas of your life.  Here is a testimonial I just received….

I enrolled in Teacher Training with the intention of deepening my personal yoga practice. With each module my personal practice is intensifying and my understanding of how to properly engage and align has brought every pose to an entirely new level.  Even mountain pose can now be an exploration of my body’s connectivity, strength and brightness. I was pleased to find that many lessons we learn on the mat are incredibly helpful to every day life and work – a cultivation of skills that often do not receive much formal attention – such as intuition and presence. Even more surprising, now that I am half way through, my intention of this training has expanded to include bringing the love of practice to others through teaching!


– Jessie Lerner (currently in Teacher Training)