Cold / Flu / Sinus Infection Protocol

Everyone is getting sick. I can name at least a dozen people right off the top of my head who I know have fallen ill in the past two weeks. I am around these sick people, and hopefully I don’t get sick too.

Thankfully I have a secret weapon. It was given to my 2004 Bikram Training class by our nutritional expert teacher Dr. Frank. Here is the protocol:

1 Lemon
1/2 cup blueberries (frozen is fine)
1000mg Vitamin C
1/4 to 1.5 cup water (depending on desired thickness)
1-14 drops of Stevia Extract – OPTIONAL – to taste

Take a vegetable peeler and peel the yellow rind off the lemon. Leave the white rind on. Cut the lemon to de-seed it and put the lemon and other ingredients into a blender to liquefy.

Drink It.

Every two hours if you are currently sick. Three times a day if you are prone to being sick (because of stress or others around you being sick).

You will recover quicker if you are sick. You will be better at avoiding infection if you are using it preventatively.

The stevia is a natural zero sugar, zero calorie sweetener and is optional for those who like their drink a little sweeter. You can find stevia extract at Whole Foods or the Willy St. Co-op. DO NOT ADD SUGAR of any kind, and as a matter of fact – you should avoid sugar anytime that you or people around you are sick. It supresses your immune system.

This drink is an immune system booster particularly good for cold and flu. Dr. Frank used this protocol to rescue his wife from a fever/infection the hospital had no idea what to do with. He was giving it to her every half hour, but assuming you are not hospitalized, you shouldn’t need it that often.

I have had success with this drink myself. I have gotten sick in the past 5 years, but it seems to be much less than usual for me. I don’t have a particularly strong immune system normally, but I have avoided getting sick this year. PLUS three winters ago when EVERY teacher at Inner Fire Yoga came down with a crazy mutant sinus infection (I did too) – While my fellow teachers required antibiotics – I beat it by drinking this every two hours for a few days in a row. Non-stop smoothie bombardment and neti-pot… I needed no antibiotics.

Vitimin C is a known immune system booster; however, as with everything in nature it is not just about the chemical we can isolate in a lab. The white rind of the lemon is chalk full of enzymes and other co-factors that aid Vitimin C to do its job. (don’t keep the yellow rind, its bad for your stomach) This is why natural is better. Science is amazing, but nature, even at this micro-level is such a complex system, you cannot simply reduce it to 30 or so Vitamins, Minerals, and known nutrients. The white rind of the lemon is vital to this protocol.

Blueberries are beginning to be recognized as a super food. Perhaps I will write about those too… but later.   Add all this to regular Neti Pot use and you’ll be unstoppable.

Now, I gotta run.

Hope this helps. Stay Healthy!

Dealing with Energetic Overwhelm (Detox Bath Recipe)

This post is for my teacher trainees, but can be valuable to anyone who is currently undergoing a process of intense spiritual or emotional transformation, as you shed off layers of the past, the detox bath can be a huge help.

You may very likely never experience energetic overwhelm during the training, and its not better per se if you do or don’t.  However, during the course of this training, we are doing some powerful exercises, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Some will be easy and others difficult.  It is possible during the training session and also in between training sessions to feel energetic overwhelm.

Energetic Overwhelm is when your body’s subtle energy systems are pushed further than they have been before.  It is not a bad thing.  It is like having a sore muscle.  (We will get into what “subtle energy” and what exactly it is later in the training.  Note:  It is not foremost some mystical thing to ‘believe’, but foremost, more about a psycho-emotional-somatic process).  Signs of Energetic Overwhelm are:

  • Your body feels as if its “circuits are fried”
  • Feeling of General Numbness for no apparent or diagnosable reason
  • Feeling Spacey for no apparent reason
  • Frequent Urination
  • Cold Sweats
  • Headache
  • Intense Body Heat (as if having a fever)
  • Feeling Dehydrated despite drinking plenty of water
  • Negative Feelings that seem to come out of nowhere despite reflective time and time spent feeling them without trying to interpret them.   (This is not always do to energetic overwhelm.  Sometimes we are experiencing a block or unattended situation in life that wants to be dealt with. )
  • Dramatic increase in “crazy dreams”
  • Feeling of abnormal disconnect from physical world

Usually its only one of these symptoms, but sometimes there are multiple.  The training and your personal yoga practice (which includes alignment) will help you condition your body’s subtle energy systems.  Here is how to recover more quickly from energetic overwhelm when your energy system is “sore”:

Draw a bath as hot as you can make it and still stand to be in it.  Add the following:

  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup Kosher Salt
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda

Mix it up good and get all of your body covered by the bath.  If you tub doesn’t allow your whole body in, trade off between different spots.  My tub is small and I often alternate between being on my back and child’s pose in the tub (to get my chest, head and face).

Stay in for 10 minutes, but absolutely no more than 15 (this is important!  the effect of the bath can start to reverse).  If you feel you need another bath, completely empty the tub and do another bath fresh.

The bath is salt, so it will dehydrate you.  Make sure to drink an extra glass of water before and after your bath.  (water you wouldn’t drink otherwise is what I mean by extra, if your thirsty when going into the bath, you better drink big time).

When in doubt, do the bath!  The bath cannot hurt you (as long as you hydrate when you do it), so I usually do the bath anyway.  You also cannot overdo the bath.  When doing intense spiritual work before my mom died, I was taking this bath 4 times a day for about 3 weeks in a row.  Unlikely you’ll need to go as far as I did (I was doing spiritual work about 22 hours per week, and that did not include my yoga practice).   I don’t think you’ll ever need anything close to that, but the bath is a good idea.  Its very good at dissipating the extra charge.

The bath is one of the best things I’ve found, but some other good ways to dissipate overwhelm are:

  • massage / bodywork
  • barefoot walking on wet grass
  • walking in mist  (mother nature’s or man made, I use a sprayer to mist the air, and keep spraying)

This is not to scare anyone.  Just to give you tools and resources on your path.

If you’re not sure that you’re having overwhelm, or you’re just curious, take the bath for the hell of it.  Think of it as an experiment or injunction to see what happens.  Most people are shocked at how well it works!  Go for it.

If you have not taken the detox bath yet….ever.   Take It!  Seriously.  You want to be energetically clean for your students and for yourself while you are undergoing great change.