Chakras On the Mat : Transformation East Meets West Weekend Workshop

Click Here for:  What is the Chakra System?

Full Weekend or by Session at Kaivalya Yoga 777 University Ave.    February 22nd – 24th, 2013  with Alex Pfeiffer & Sunday Evening guest teacher Keith Borden

This weekend will revolutionize how you see your body and your practice on the mat.  Go beyond the “body-mind connection” as an abstraction or generalization, and embody it to a dozen layers of your self!  This weekend will be a unique perspective on the Chakras as it will come largely from Alex’s personal experience working with the Chakras as a yoga teacher and bodyworker and will reference only those areas that he has confirmed with other such practitioners and / or psychological studies from developmental psychology.

Friday February 22nd

One Evening Session  

Session 1  :  The Chakra System as Potentiality and Development, 7 – 10pm

Alex gives an introduction to the Chakra System that will integrate modern psychology, western scientific research, and Human Anatomy into this ancient Tantric system.   Learn the keys of bridging east and west and begin to make more sense of consciousness, energy, and spirituality in their ground of everything it means to be human… the physical body.

Saturday February 23rd

3 Sessions

2  :  Mat Practice “Grounding & Pleasure” for Chakras 1 & 2,  9am – 11:30am

We continue to explore the body’s connection to human experience.  Have you ever felt “ungrounded” or that your were somehow becoming numb to life’s pleasures?   In this morning practice you will be guided through a restoration of your foundational existence using the principles you learned on Friday:  Grounding with openness to your primal capacities to experience pleasure.

3  :  Love, Empowerment, and the Authetic Self,  12:30 – 2:40pm

Alex presents the Chakra System in more detail as it concerns the development of living a connected life.  We will navigate some of the most significant paradoxes on this road such as how can Compassion co-exist when you’re angry?   … Is it co-dependence or authentic Compassion?   Love is a tricky path to follow without a map.

4  :   Mat Practice “Human Potential” for Chakras 3 & 4, 2:50 – 5pm

We pick up where we left off with a practice for the heart and ego.  Experience why these two ultimately need each other and amplify your raw energy to engage relationships, deep confidence, boundaries, direction, and empathy.

Sunday February 23rd

3 Sessions

5  :  Transpersonal Path : Starting Over to Embrace Your Full Humanity  9a – 11:30

Alex completes his presentation on the Chakra System by opening up the transpersonal levels of this system.  These Chakras are the foundation from which we discover our true identity moment-to-moment, and where we can make a pivot from our Unique Self to open radically to unqualifiable isness.

6  :  Mat Practice “Intuition & Creativity” for Chakras 5, 6, & 7, 11:45a – 2:15pm

Join us for the most unique and full yoga practice of the weekend.  Particularly for those who’ve been through the entire weekend, this practice will be the culmination where we are no longer in the domain of ‘body-mind connection’ but, instead, in the domain of ‘bodymind’.

7  :  Chakra Sequencing with guest instructor Keith Borden, 3:45 – 6:45pm

And now that we’ve traveled through the whole Chakra System, Keith takes us home by sharing how to sequence your home practice or (for teachers!) your class, in order to find that miraculous “more than the sum of its parts”  result that will make every practice connect to deeper layers of being.  There is more to our existence than our physical bodies of levers and pulleys.  You will have learned that there is a vast, multi-layered subtle body of which the physical is simply the most familiar and visible. With this in mind we can build an asana practice designed to go deeper than this outer costume as we discuss the body’s energy centers or chakras, and how to use them and positively affect them through the asana practice.

We look forward to you joining us for this very unique and insightful weekend!

Per Session Price:     $35  early bird  (by Feb 19), $45 after
Full Weekend Price:  $199 early bird  for all 7 Sessions!  (by Feb 19), $259 after

Catalog prices applicable for RYS200 Trainees.


Sign up at Kaivalya Front Desk, with Alex in person, or email:

Free Bonus for All Full Weekend Participants  “Adikara : Development of the Yogi”  Video Series  2hrs, $49 value.




Alex Pfeiffer has been exploring the chakra system through bodywork and yoga since being certified in both in 2004.  He has experienced its power first hand as a method of healing old wounds and as a source of energy from which to live life from a vibrant place.

Keith Borden has been the lead instructor with Laughing Lotus Yoga College, training yoga teachers since 2007.  We are honored to have him bring his expertise of sequencing using the Chakras to our training in downtown Madison!


This workshop, like every workshop we do has a 100% Money Back Guarantee   No questions asked and no disapproval or judgments   If you don’t believe this is worth every penny you paid, if it doesn’t rock your world, we’ll refund you all the way.  There’s no reason to miss!

Integral Bodywork (Free Podcast and Upcoming Workshop)

Learn More: Podcast with Alex & Everett:
Click Here to Listen to the Integral Bodywork Podcast (20 min)

In this podcast:

  • What you’ll get in the workshop.  (Direct Experience of bodymind)
  • History of Integral Bodywork.  (and Everett’s Path)
  • How Integral Bodywork brought Alex his first Spiritual Realization.
  • A look at the orientation that “your body is your unconscious mind” as shown by Carl Jung and Eastern Philosophies.
The changes in you over the course of the weekend will be the best proof of the profound opening possible through Integral Bodywork®.

While this event is not formally related to the yoga teacher training program, in fact, I am not the organizer of it, it is something that anyone interested in yoga can have life changing benefit from. 


Learn and Experience from the Master – FEB 25 & 26 in Madison


 One of my Most Important Teachers:  After an over 4 year hiatus from Madison, my bodywork teacher Everett Ogawa — the founder of Integral Bodywork – is coming to town.


This is a very rare opportunity to step into a whole different level of experience. If you think yoga has been an aberration from your typical experience, this will prove to be yoga times fifty!    (or as Ken said, “Only Yoga time Ten”)
no bodywork experience necessary to take this workshop
Just come with an open mind for the experience.  My first experience of Oneness with the Universe came after my first Integral Bodywork encounter.  It has since helped me to heal bulging discs in my back as well as let go of past grudges and other traumas I’d been holding onto.  It has changed my life… and my New Year’s wish is that it have the opportunity to take your life to fascinating realms as well.  This is the real deal!
Introduction to Integral Bodywork

This introduction is available to anyone who wants to increase their mind-body awareness, know themselves more deeply, or live more fully – free from tension, stress, and anxiety.  Novices will find this weekend a tremendous step toward engaging their lives and work with new vigor and openness, as well as a gateway to deeper practice and life.  Those already practicing in some form of bodywork, meditation, martial arts, yoga or other mindfulness training will find a unique opportunity to deepen, open and accelerate their body’s response to these practices.  Because this work is built on the Eastern understanding of the mind and body as one, the effects can be far reaching. 

Plenty more (perhaps way more than you would care to know) information on this workshop and Integral Bodywork available at


An Introduction to Integral Bodywork®
Taught by Everett Ogawa
Everett Ogawa | 773.318.7877 |
Saturday, February 25, 2012 1:00-5:00pm Structural Stretch Sequence
Sunday, February 26, 2012 8:00am-4:30pm Introduction to the 10 Sessions
Tai Chi Center, 301 S. Bedford St., Madison, WI 53703
Cost: Structural Stretch Sequence $55 (Saturday afternoon class)
Introduction to the 10 Sessions $95 (Sunday all-day class)
Register for both classes for a discounted cost of $125
Integral Bodywork® is a transformational method of hands-on bodywork. It seeks to restore an individual’s structural integrity through release of the body’s matrix of connective tissue.


Registration Information Below.
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to e-mail me or contact the organizers:  Elizabeth ( 608-288-1050) or Alex G ( 608-354-2585) with questions and to register.

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Weekend with Katy Wallace & Alex Pfeiffer

This Weekend is for:

  • Those currently enrolled in Kaivalya’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.
  • Current Yoga Teachers who are looking to fulfill their Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Training Requirement (covers 16 of the 30 required hours) or ‘step up’ their Anatomy skills.
  • Anyone who wants a cutting edge understanding of human anatomy and physiology and (most importantly), how to apply it in on the yoga mat  (although it is not the primary focus of the weekend, application via diet will also be included in the instruction).
You Will
  • Have a deep understanding that will unravel the 7 Anatomy & Physiology Myths (Some Of Which, Even Your Yoga Teacher Likely Believes).  Read This Now, If you have not.  
  • Be able to execute the right breathing techniques to get yourself going or conversely, to help yourself relax and calm down.
  • Learn proper bone placement and how common yoga instructions such as “get your hips in one line” (triangle, warrior) or “push your shoulders down” actually create instability, strain, and tension.
  • Understand how both yoga and diet have the potential to promote or alleviate anxiety when the right combination of techniques are used.
  • Gain an understanding of how the human body is interconnected.  Not just that it is, but that some parts are more interconnected than others.
  • Practice meditation techniques that boost memory and reduce stress.
  • Learn to engage your muscles in harmony in poses with the right timing and the right way that hits the “reset button” on the negative patterns your body is holding.
  • Know the foods and yogic techniques that stimulate your body’s natural capacity for self-cleansing and detoxification.
  • Understand why the thyroid and adrenal glands are so important to stress recovery and how yoga and diet influence them.
  • Get a Practical Experience of All Learning.  A total of 6 hours of physical practice through the weekend!
  • A Yogic and Basic Human Understanding of the Following Body Systems:
      • Digestive System
      • Skeletal System
      • Endocrine System
      • Muscular System
      • Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
      • Myofascial System
      • Nervous System
      • Lymphatic and Skin Systems

Weekend Schedule

Friday, Feb 17,  7:30pm to 9:45pm :    Consciousness for Human Bodies, an Owner’s Manual  —   w/ Alex Pfeiffer

Saturday, Feb 18, 9am to 12:15pm:    Structural Anatomy in Practice w/ Alex Pfeiffer

Saturday, Feb 18, 1:50pm to 5pm:   Physiology for Yoga and Diet w/ Katy Wallace 

Saturday, Feb 19, 10am to 2:15pm:    Structural Anatomy in Practice & Teaching  w/ Alex Pfeiffer

Sunday, Feb 19, 4pm to 6:45pm:   Physiology for Yoga and Diet w/ Katy Wallace 





Katy Wallace is a traditional Naturopath and Registered Yoga Teacher. She teaches people to take control of their own health by eating better and utilizing natural remedies to support the healing process.

“I believe the body has the ability to heal and stay healthy if given the proper nutrition and care.   You’ll notice that all of the training I’ve chosen and the services I offer are rooted in that fundamental belief in our innate ability to be well.

I hold a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree from Trinity College of Natural Health and have since completed over 200 hours of continuing education in the area of holistic nutrition. I also hold a Master’s degree from the Institute for Environmental Studies at the UW–Madison and a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Environmental Sciences from Carleton College in Minnesota.

Because meditation and yoga practices contribute to keeping body systems balanced, I became certified in Kundalini yoga, completed over 200 hours in Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training, and am now recognized as a registered yoga teacher.

In 2006 I founded Human Nature, LLC, offering nutrition, naturopathy, and yoga services in Madison, Wisconsin.



Alex Pfeiffer is Teacher Training director at the Kaivalya Yoga Teacher Training.  Since yoga & bodywork certification in 2004, Alex has gained a reputation as one of Madison’s most reliable experts in bio-mechanics and usage of yoga for therapeutic healing.  With a total of 5 yoga & bodywork certifications, his teaching focuses heavily on understandable alignment, breath, action, & attitude for full human detoxification: physically, mentally, & emotionally. The result is a class to push your spiritual edge from struggle to ease; from intensity to peace; and from madness to clarity. “Life is a wild ride” he says, “you never know what’s just around the corner. All we can do is discover the parts of ourselves we never knew were there – and then: Blossom.”

Alex designs training weekends that synthesize cutting edge understanding of the human body with its correlate of action and meaning in the world. He brings together a team of some of the best teachers in Wisconsin to distill yoga’s creative core for teachers to be. “Whether we study yoga as a science or an art,” he says, “it all flows from a creative core. And when our energy flows from that core to all domains… we are unstoppable, happy, and free.”



Kaivalya Yoga Teacher Training Credit:   $279  /  weekend
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit:  $179 / weekend
General Public:  $179 / weekend

Ala Carte available but full weekend recommended.  To sign up, contact Alex at  

Sign up ahead of time and get free yoga anatomy & alignment videos!