Current Work Trades Available Include:

Video Editing:    For content / web video.  Any video editing ability will be considered.  You do not need to be professionally trained or be able to use Sony Vegas, but these are preferred   Your quality of work will speak the loudest.  If you do not have a portfolio, you will be asked to edit a video so we can see what you can do.

Website Designer / Coder:   Ideally with experience in C#, but not necessary.

Web Programmer 1:   Need to be able to write code for complex scheduling server side app which will include ability to interact with a database.  C#  & MySQL preferred but not necessary.

Web Programmer 2:   Need to be able to write code for a pluggin for Moodle / Online Learning Environment.   PHP / C# preferred

Online Learning Environment Coordinator:    Experience with Moodle or some other online learning environment.  You will be in charge of set up for students, teachers, admins, and getting material posted.

Graphics Design:    We use a lot of drawings and models in the training.  Looking for someone who can draw them up in various digital formats.  Bonus if you’re able to also create simple animations.

Anatomy Illustrator:    Can you draw muscle, bone, and fascia?  Looking for talented drawers for a textbook project.

Social Media / Marketing Wizard  -  Do you know the ins and outs of marketing on social media?   We’re looking for someone who not only is technically proficient, but also understands how to use social media in the context of an overall marketing strategy.



Alex knows from his engineering days that a good technical person can learn a new language, tool, etc…. so although there are some preferred tools here, there is room for discussion about whether or not these tools will ultimately be used.  There is also room to learn “on the job”, so please, feel welcome to respond if you are seriously interested in trading your talents for yoga teacher training.

Got something you think would be a big help to the training, but isn’t listed here?   Give us your best pitch.

Please leave a comment below if you’d like to be contacted about a trade.  Leave a phone# and/or email address (your comment will not show up as public).

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