Kaivalya Closing

It was announced yesterday that Kaivalya will be closing its doors for Yoga Classes on May 18th.

The three most important things about this in context to the teacher training are:

1) This will not affect teacher training dates or commitment from me.
2) Teacher Trainings will continue to be held at Kaivalya until further notice despite the public closing of regular classes.

If you’d like more details on what’s going on, here they are….

The decision is entirely financial. Dave, the owner, is on the hook for the lease until 2015 currently trying to find someone to sublet the space. There 3 possibilities:

1) Someone sublets the space and continues to run it as a yoga studio. The space may go on in a very similar, possibly seamless way including with the teacher training.  A possibility and what I’d most like to see happen!

2) Someone sublets the space and decides to use it as a different type of business. No more yoga at University Square.

3) No one sublets the space. It sits unused.

Until the space is taken over and occupied by another business, Dave will continue to let us use Kaivalya for teacher training weekends, so I expect we will continue to use it through the summer. I will be doing the legal work this month to decouple the training financially so I’ll be able to take it wherever I want. I am committed to continuing to give you the best possible training I can, so I will find another space to have it in due time.

As of the end of May, I will legally own the training outright, so I will be able to hold it in whatever space I choose. Therefore, should Kaivalya be sublet and turned into another type of business, the training can be easily moved. I will be spending May doing this legal work and will begin looking for other locations in June/July. In the meantime, the next start May 30 – June 2 will still be at Kaivalya as will likely most or all of the summer.

I want to thank you all for your interest in this training to begin with and assure you that it will continue strong as long as I’m still pumping my own blood. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings & Light,



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