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Online Yoga Workshops  with Question & Answer Support!   If something in these videos doesn’t make sense, you get help from Alex directly!


A Super Brief History Of Yoga  -  4.5 hours video + 30 page pdf $109 -

So much of what is taught in yoga trainings as “The Philosophy of Yoga” such as the 8-Limbs or “This is all Maya” is actually only yoga philosophy as it existed in a particular brief snippet of time. Yoga is not in a collection of stone tablets for us to preserve. It is alive in human beings and so is its philosophy. In this insightful philosophical and historical perspective see human spirituality evolve from the early Vedas through the great Mythic works and Classical Age. Discover how Tantra begins practice of yoga on the mat and how the current age of yoga has taken it further. Most of all, see yoga philosophy as an alive expression that begins in the human spirit!

Online ordering coming soon.  For now, email asana geek at yahoo if interested.


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