Open Training Weekends (CE)

Whether you’re currently a yoga teacher who would like to get additional training or a yoga student who would like to pursue further study – or even get a preview of what a teacher training is like… we have occasional weekends open to the public.  These are open to everyone!   Please come join us.


February 22nd – 24th, 2013  with Alex Pfeiffer & Sunday Evening guest teacher Keith Borden

This weekend will revolutionize how you see your body and your practice on the mat.  Go beyond the “body-mind connection” as an abstraction or generalization, and embody it to a dozen layers of your self!  This weekend will be a unique perspective on the Chakras as it will come largely from Alex’s personal experience working with the Chakras as a yoga teacher and bodyworker and will reference only those areas that he has confirmed with other such practitioners and / or psychological studies from developmental psychology.  …….Click for More…..


April 25 – 27   Yogic Philosophy for the 21st Century and Integral Age   What if we took everything that all the various cultures have to tell us about human potential—about spiritual growth, psychological growth, social growth—and put it all on the table? What if we attempted to find the critically essential keys to human growth, based on the sum total of human knowledge now open to us? What if we attempted, based on extensive cross-cultural study, to use all of the world’s great traditions to create a composite map, a comprehensive map, an all-inclusive or integral map that included the best elements from all of them?   And what if we decided to take the best elements to move yoga into its next age integrating the best from east and west?   Then we’d get this weekend.


June 21 – 23  Breakthrough Meditation Weekend    If you’d like a glimpse into your spiritual potential, this is the weekend for you.  Whether you are new to meditation or are a regular practitioner, you will find something new in your deeper potential.  We assemble a team of expert teachers and technologies so that you will have a taste of “Big Mind” as your Full Integrated, free functioning self.  ** Guaranteed **


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