Chakras On the Mat : Transformation East Meets West Weekend Workshop

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Full Weekend or by Session at Kaivalya Yoga 777 University Ave.    February 22nd – 24th, 2013  with Alex Pfeiffer & Sunday Evening guest teacher Keith Borden

This weekend will revolutionize how you see your body and your practice on the mat.  Go beyond the “body-mind connection” as an abstraction or generalization, and embody it to a dozen layers of your self!  This weekend will be a unique perspective on the Chakras as it will come largely from Alex’s personal experience working with the Chakras as a yoga teacher and bodyworker and will reference only those areas that he has confirmed with other such practitioners and / or psychological studies from developmental psychology.

Friday February 22nd

One Evening Session  

Session 1  :  The Chakra System as Potentiality and Development, 7 – 10pm

Alex gives an introduction to the Chakra System that will integrate modern psychology, western scientific research, and Human Anatomy into this ancient Tantric system.   Learn the keys of bridging east and west and begin to make more sense of consciousness, energy, and spirituality in their ground of everything it means to be human… the physical body.

Saturday February 23rd

3 Sessions

2  :  Mat Practice “Grounding & Pleasure” for Chakras 1 & 2,  9am – 11:30am

We continue to explore the body’s connection to human experience.  Have you ever felt “ungrounded” or that your were somehow becoming numb to life’s pleasures?   In this morning practice you will be guided through a restoration of your foundational existence using the principles you learned on Friday:  Grounding with openness to your primal capacities to experience pleasure.

3  :  Love, Empowerment, and the Authetic Self,  12:30 – 2:40pm

Alex presents the Chakra System in more detail as it concerns the development of living a connected life.  We will navigate some of the most significant paradoxes on this road such as how can Compassion co-exist when you’re angry?   … Is it co-dependence or authentic Compassion?   Love is a tricky path to follow without a map.

4  :   Mat Practice “Human Potential” for Chakras 3 & 4, 2:50 – 5pm

We pick up where we left off with a practice for the heart and ego.  Experience why these two ultimately need each other and amplify your raw energy to engage relationships, deep confidence, boundaries, direction, and empathy.

Sunday February 23rd

3 Sessions

5  :  Transpersonal Path : Starting Over to Embrace Your Full Humanity  9a – 11:30

Alex completes his presentation on the Chakra System by opening up the transpersonal levels of this system.  These Chakras are the foundation from which we discover our true identity moment-to-moment, and where we can make a pivot from our Unique Self to open radically to unqualifiable isness.

6  :  Mat Practice “Intuition & Creativity” for Chakras 5, 6, & 7, 11:45a – 2:15pm

Join us for the most unique and full yoga practice of the weekend.  Particularly for those who’ve been through the entire weekend, this practice will be the culmination where we are no longer in the domain of ‘body-mind connection’ but, instead, in the domain of ‘bodymind’.

7  :  Chakra Sequencing with guest instructor Keith Borden, 3:45 – 6:45pm

And now that we’ve traveled through the whole Chakra System, Keith takes us home by sharing how to sequence your home practice or (for teachers!) your class, in order to find that miraculous “more than the sum of its parts”  result that will make every practice connect to deeper layers of being.  There is more to our existence than our physical bodies of levers and pulleys.  You will have learned that there is a vast, multi-layered subtle body of which the physical is simply the most familiar and visible. With this in mind we can build an asana practice designed to go deeper than this outer costume as we discuss the body’s energy centers or chakras, and how to use them and positively affect them through the asana practice.

We look forward to you joining us for this very unique and insightful weekend!

Per Session Price:     $35  early bird  (by Feb 19), $45 after
Full Weekend Price:  $199 early bird  for all 7 Sessions!  (by Feb 19), $259 after

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Free Bonus for All Full Weekend Participants  “Adikara : Development of the Yogi”  Video Series  2hrs, $49 value.




Alex Pfeiffer has been exploring the chakra system through bodywork and yoga since being certified in both in 2004.  He has experienced its power first hand as a method of healing old wounds and as a source of energy from which to live life from a vibrant place.

Keith Borden has been the lead instructor with Laughing Lotus Yoga College, training yoga teachers since 2007.  We are honored to have him bring his expertise of sequencing using the Chakras to our training in downtown Madison!


This workshop, like every workshop we do has a 100% Money Back Guarantee   No questions asked and no disapproval or judgments   If you don’t believe this is worth every penny you paid, if it doesn’t rock your world, we’ll refund you all the way.  There’s no reason to miss!

Core Yoga Philosophy Weekend, December 28 – 30

As a practitioner of yoga or yoga teacher, some of the philosophical precepts of yoga can either seem confusing, conflicting, or simply uninteresting and overly intellectual.   In a weekend designed to take philosophy and ground it in both the practice of yoga on your mat and real life ( and for teachers into your teaching ), we will explore the 4 major philosophical grounds of yoga on the mat in the 21st Century (sometimes called Hatha Yoga):   Classical Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, and Bhakti. You will learn how these philosophies fit together and how to integrate them onto the mat and into your teaching.  This will not simply be an “in your head” weekend.  You will take this right to the mat!

Friday, December 28th

6:30p - 10p   Patanjali:   Yamas & Niyamas Revisited with Swami Allan Ajaya, PhD
The Classical 8-Limbed approach of initial Yamas & Niyamas is typically taught of “do’s” and “don’ts”.   This sounds more like religion and less like spirituality.  Check out Swami Allan Ajaya’s presentation that invites you into ethics as a connection to your spiritual core rather than a list of dos and don’ts.  Integrating the best of Eastern and Western Psychology, Swami Ajaya, spent years in India studying and teaching yoga and meditation. He has authored and edited several landmark texts that integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing the whole person.

Saturday, December 29th

9a – 12:15p   Tantra:   The Ground of Yoga on the Mat  with
                Beth Wortzel and Jim Powell of Ananda Marga Yoga Center

We would not have yoga asana and on the mat today if not for the revolution of Tantra.  Tantra or “the weave” of body, mind, and heart is a key turning point in the history of yoga.  This very misunderstood revolution in yoga is the first yoga to befriend the body and is directly responsible for the yoga you do today.  Get expert insight into yoga’s non-dual philosophy of ascending and descending paths at once from meditators and tantra experts Beth Wortzel and Jim Powell.
With a view of all existence springing from the same infinite Consciousness, Tantra’s underlying principle is that each individual, by penetrating the core of his/her own individual consciousness, can experience the unity of all things and transcend the turbulent flux of sensory perception and its divisive perspective of the relative world. The ultimate objective in Tantra is union with unqualified and limitless Consciousness – a state beyond the inhibiting ego and its segmentation of reality.
1:45 – 5p        Vedanta:  Spiritual Revolution & Genius with  Swami Allan Ajaya, PhD
Yoga Philosophy owes much wisdom to the “end of the Vedas” and the genius of Shankara.  Get a sense of Vedanta’s invitation to feel god / Nature working through you first hand and understand what it means that the “Universe is Consciousness”.   East/West Integrating Pioneer Dr. Allan Ajaya, author of “Psychotherapy : East & West” and co-author/editor of many more books with Swami Rama leads you through this landmark spiritual movement.

Sunday, December 30th

10a – 2:15p    Philosophy on the Mat & Path of the Heart with Alex Pfeiffer & Keith Borden

This session begins with a practice to show you how to apply yoga philosophy to your practice on the mat and ends with a Bhakti presentation by Keith on the delightfully rich, yet simple Heart Sutra.  The Bhakti movement, which began in the 14th Century, was a direct reaction to the caste-restrictive ritualistic practices of the time in India. Bhaktis refused to rely on Brahmin priests for their self-realization, and instead embraced the ecstatic celebration of God as the most direct path to moksha or liberation. One of the main texts in the Bhakti tradition is the Bhakti Sutra of Narada. In this workshop we will discuss the Bhakti path, explore some of the key Bhakti sutras and chant many of the names of the Divine. Open to the open-hearted and those who wish to be open-hearted.
3:45 – 7p        Application:  Bringing Philosophy to your yoga classes with Alex Pfeiffer & Barbara Fletsch  
Now that you’ve heard all the philosophy now is the time to apply it in your practice and in your teaching!   For teachers, we will break down how to plan a class and teach a pose based on a philosophical theme.  For non yoga teachers, get a yoga teacher quality perspective of philosophy on the mat!
Ala Carte:        $50 per session
Public Price:   $197 for full weekend     (includes for current yoga teachers)
Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification: $279
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Bonus for those who attend the full weekend: “A Super Brief History Of Yoga” Video Series by Alex Pfeiffer.



So much of what is taught in yoga trainings as “The Philosophy of Yoga” such as the 8-Limbs or “This is all Maya” is actually only yoga philosophy as it existed in a particular brief snippet of time. Yoga is not in a collection of stone tablets for us to preserve. It is alive in human beings and so is its philosophy. In this insightful philosophical and historical perspective see human spirituality evolve from the early Vedas through the great Mythic works and Classical Age. Discover how Tantra begins practice of yoga on the mat and how the current age of yoga has taken it further. Most of all, see yoga philosophy as an alive expression that begins in the human spirit!




4.5 Hours, $109 Value, Free with the Full Weekend






Yoga Philosophy Weekend Open to Public

The philosophy weekend on December 28 – 30 will be open to the public.

This weekend is part of “A Philosophical History of Yoga” series.   The series is presented, in part, to give emphasis to yoga as a living and breathing tradition that evolves over time rather than a static set of philosophical values etched in stone at a past date and finally unearthed for the modern west.  The latter is a fiction sold through yoga marketing and, in fact, not the reality which is much more rich and rewarding.

Past weekends have focused on The Vedic Era, Pre-Classical Times, the Axial Age, the Influence of Buddhism, the Samkayans, and the Great Mythic Age.

This weekend will focus on the Classical Period of Yoga – Patanjali, The 8 Limbs of Yoga, and Vedanta.  It will also focus on the Classical period’s evolution into Tantra and Hatha Yoga.

Teachers:  Alex Pfeiffer and Swami Allan Ajaya.

The public cost will be $199 for the weekend.

More info to come.


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Saturday at 3:30pm  –   at Kaivalya.  (University Square)
Tuesday at 9:15pm  –    at Perfect Knot Yoga  (409 Few St)

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3:30pm 9/15
9:15pm 9/18

Applications are due September 30th.

What is the top thing you can do to make your Yoga Practice More than just a Workout?

Alex introduces the key distinction to get the mind and heart change you want by first talking about how his own practice started purely for physical reasons.  Later, he noticed yoga could go much deeper, and here’s what the first step on the deeper path entailed:

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*Video:pain v discomfort

This talk continues with reference to the human nervous system… 




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