Reason of the Buddha…. Nature of Subjectivity

This is Sam Harris speaking to a conference of atheists.  Sam Harris is a neuro-scientist generally regarded as one of the “New Atheists” along with Chris Hitchens and Richard Dawkins who often speak out against religion.  Here, Sam speaks some uncomfortable truths for some in his own movement to the benefit of honoring spiritual experience.

This is one of the videos I have all my teacher trainees watch before their opening weekend.  Part of our yoga practice especially as teachers (but even overall for dedicated practitioners) is to honor all paths, including atheism.  To say we honor all paths sounds nice, but it also helpful to contextualize how we honor all paths.  Yoga is not out to change anyone’s beliefs, just to provide tools to become more ourselves and more alive and more deeply ourselves.

This is the reason of the Buddha. Enjoy.

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