What is the Chakra System?

To some its an other worldly spiritual realm.

To others its a left over relic from a medieval and superstitious period in yoga’s history.

Actually, its neither.

We all know that yoga affects not just our body, but also our state of mind.  As a matter of fact, you can’t really affect one without affecting the other.  This body-mind connection is why you feel so damn good after a yoga class; and feel good in a way that is much different than the good feeling of a run or other form of exercise.

Yoga has attuned itself to this connection and has evolved as a physical activity not designed to lift the most weight or get somewhere the fastest, but to bring you into a more spacious state of mind.  You have have noticed yoga allows you to, at times, cruise through mental and emotional blocks that once held you back.  Or you may have noticed yoga inviting you to a place in yourself beyond your thought, emotion, and conditioned way of being.

The ancient yogis figured much of this out years ago and put together a very sophisticated map of the mind-body connection.  The Chakras are not otherworldly.  They are here, in this flesh, in this bone, in this world now.  Not in the way that a pancreas is in your body, but in the way that poetry comes from your human heart and mind.  The Chakras are about the experience of being human, a metaphor for the deepest ways a human being can become more, and they are very real.

I will be leading another teacher training caliber (but open to the public) weekend on the Chakras from April 5 – 7.   In this weekend, you’ll explore this primordial spiritual psychology.  In theory, and more importantly – you will be taken through the subtle openings in your body that allow self-integration and healing to complete.  I’ll be covering the primary psychological stumbling blocks and potentials for joy in this human ride.  If you are interested in getting a tangible experience of your chakras; if you want to learn more about what this system means to the practice on your mat; please join us!

Check Out More On the Weekend Here

This workshop, like every workshop we do has a 100% Money Back Guarantee   No questions asked and no disapproval or judgments   If you don’t believe this is worth every penny you paid, if it doesn’t rock your world, we’ll refund you all the way.  There’s no reason to miss!

So, am I saying that I don’t believe energies exist?  That its all merely metaphor?  Before I answer that question, let me say this.  We will cover energy.  By energy, I do not mean anything other worldly.  I mean something very tangible in your moment to moment experience – YOUR LIFE FORCE.  YOUR VITALITY.    That is the important part – your moment-to-moment existence.  Are there actually energies within that science cannot detect (yet) or is all this Chakra stuff an artful way to talk about what’s going on in the physical body?  My first answer is that it doesn’t matter.  Whether science discovers spiritual energies or whether science proves that it is all going on in the nervous and endocrine systems will not change the fact that the model has worked for over a thousand years and it relevance to bodymind connection.  You don’t have to “believe” it at all.  Personally, I tentatively believe there is something going on beyond what we currently accept in mainstream science, but if I’m proven wrong, it won’t matter because, like acupuncture  the model works.  It is within your moment-to-moment experience.  In other words, the Chakras are not beyond your body, they are deeper through your body.

“The body asks only to be loved, lived, and illuminated. It is not some rigidly separate, self-existing mass but is continuous—and not just elementally—with all that is, at essence being but precipitated Being, spun from gravity and boundless light. The body is not just matter! (And for that matter, matter is not just matter.) The body is not a burden with which we’ve been saddled, nor is it an obstruction to realizing our true nature. Whatever its wrapping, our body is a gift. We need to shift from having a body to being a body, and from being a body to Being. In permitting a fuller, saner embodiment of our essential nature, we make possible a deeper life for ourselves, a life in which we cannot help but breathe integrity into our stride, developing a deep intimacy with all that we are.”   — Robert Augustus Masters


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