What is Yoga Practice?

Simple enough question, right?  How many times per week do we mention our “yoga practice”.   Here is how I address the question with new teacher trainees….

There are 3 pieces to this yoga teacher training:

1)  Deepening your own yoga practice.
2)  Learning to help others deepen their yoga practice (teaching)
3)  Applying yogic principles, particularly the deep resonance of your personal yoga practice, to your broader life in order to live truer to yourself.

That is the training in a nutshell.  If you imagine these 3 items in 3 intersecting circles (venn diagram), you’ll note the intersecting piece is that these all contain “yoga practice.”  Therefore this is how the training launches – everything in the training ties back to this moment… a moment of being fully human.





Free Teacher Training Q&A Sessions:
This Sunday May 22nd, 3pm at Kaivalya
This Tuesday, May 24th, at Perfect Knot, 9:10pm

More Links & info on this June’s fast approaching Yoga Teacher Training

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