Yoga Meditiation & Mindfulness Weekend

Exploring Mindfulness on the Mat at Kaivalya 777 University Ave.

With emerging fields such as Neuroplasticity making incredible discoveries about meditation’s effect on the brain, it is clear that mindfulness practices are of great help to our lives whether we engage them on a cushion or on a yoga mat.  Like any practice, it is something we can do better and understand more than we currently do.  What keeps us from doing so is usually rooted in East/West confusion and a lack of practices that are accessible to a 21st Century Western Mind.

Whether you’ve never been on a yoga mat or cushion in your life or you are a mindfulness regular, you will find new, relevant, and authentic connections in this weekend to what is most important in your life.  As with all of our workshops, claims are guaranteed — refunds are no questions asked.  Please join us for what is most sure to be a weekend that will give you insight into everything you do.


Friday  June 21st     :    Yoga Mindfulness in Context

6:30p – 10p  :  Presentation  “A History and Theory of Yoga Mindfulness”  with Alex Pfeiffer

This will be a brief overview of the history of mindfulness in the Yoga Tradition beginning with the Upanishads which are arguably the founding text of every tradition that engages in mindfulness practice and explain why India rose as an epicenter of so many traditions from Yoga to Buddhism.  What is the breakthrough of the Upanishads?  … and what does it mean to mindfulness in 2013?  How are they the same?  How are they different?  We explore these questions.

Saturday June 22nd    :  Yoga Mindfulness of the Past and Present

9am – Noon :  Mat Practice  :  “Being, Will, and Creativity on the Mat” with Alex Pfeiffer

How many times have you heard, “Be Mindful on the Mat?”   What does this mean exactly?   Are there different ways of being mindful?   Alex submits that there are different (and equal) styles of mindfulness and that these mindfulness styles serve like 3 primary ingredients in any yoga style today.  In other words we get vast differences from Kripalu, to Yin Yoga to Prana Flow to Iyengar based on these fundamental varying styles of mindfulness.  These are the primary ingredients to yoga on the mat today.

1pm – 5pm :   Introspection Practices  :  “Traditional Yogic Meditation Techniques for the Western Mind” with Swami Ajaya, PhD

We are lucky to have Swami Ajaya, a Swami, a psychotherapist, and early pioneer in East – West integration for this afternoon session which will explore traditional meditation techniques from yoga’s past.  Most think of meditation as sitting still with a quiet mind; however, the ancient yogis understood that everyone has a different constitution and therefore a variety of methods are necessary for a variety of types of people.  We will explore the variety from Vedanta’s tradition of Self Inquiry to Mantra to Traditional Meditation of Patanjali.  Meditation is, in fact, far richer than clearing your mind.  Here’s a chance to play with the vast variety of ways to look inward to experience a richer world.

Sunday June 23rd    :   Mindfulness of the Future

9am – Noon :    Intersubjective Introspection Practices   “The Miracle of We” with Alex Pfeiffer

Yoga has tended to think of spiritual practice as a solo activity.  The yogi who goes off to the cave is still an image seared into our collective consciousness.  While there are wonderful gifts yielded from practicing solo, a more highly interdependent world, arguably calls for more… and what a richer life we can yield when we transfer mindfulness to our relationships.  In a highly experimental session, Alex draws upon the work of Decker Cunov and Susan Campbell to ask what happens when we make mindfulness interactive?  The result can transform your relationships from friendships to work to loved ones.

1pm – 4pm  :   Introspection Practice   “Big Mind” with Dr. Kamie Buddemeier

Our last session is the best.  This revolutionary practice of “Big Mind” has helped many taste enlightenment and transfer it into their lives where other methods have just been confusing.  What makes this method extremely accessible is that it is simple yet applies the best of both East and West when it comes to the art of attachment and letting go.  You will leave with an understanding and experience of how everything about you is perfect as it is.  We are fortunate to have one of about a dozen certified practicitioners of Big Mind joining us.  You can find out more at:


$50 per session  or $197 for the weekend  (inquire for YA certified RYT training rates)  

email:   to sign up


Bonus for all Full Weekend Attendees:   Shiva, Shakti, and Shadow video series $109 value.




Alex Pfeiffer   has been training yoga teachers since 2010.  His 21st Century Yoga on the Mat Yoga Teacher Training focuses on two of the most important discoveries made in mindfulness in integrating East & West.  (1)  We are Unique but not separate.  and (2) We all have the option to participate or not with the Evolutionary Impulse inside of us.   These are the paths to a well lived life in the 21st Century.

Swami Ajaya, PhD has the unique distinction of being both a licensed clinical psychologist and a  Swami.  Allan Ajaya or Swami Ajaya, as he is also known, received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Department of Psychiatry. He has served on the graduate faculties of the University of Wisconsin and the Himalayan Institute. He has studied with leading innovators of experiential  psychotherapy including Carl Whitaker, Ron Kurtz (the developer of Hakomi therapy), Arnold Mindell, and David Grove.

In 1973 he was initiated as a Swami in the Himalayan tradition by Swami Rama. This initiation took place in Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganges, on Shivaratri, a sacred holy day. As Swami Ajaya, he spent years in India studying and teaching yoga and meditation. He has authored and edited several landmark texts that integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing the whole person. These include:  Yoga and Psychotherapy: The Evolution of Consciousness;  Yoga Psychology: A Practical Guide to MeditationEmotion to Enlightenment;   Living with the Himalayan Masters;  Psychotherapy East and West: A Unifying Paradigm;   Healing the Whole Person   Find out more at

 Dr. Kamie Buddemeier, MD   is an Interventional Cardiologist practicing at the Marshfield Clinic in Wi. Kamie is also an ordained Zen monk and trained Big Mind facilitator. She has been studying with Zen Master Genpo Merzel Roshi since 2006. Her passion is bringing awareness and awakening to traditional western medicine to allow healing and wholeness to prevail. She has designed a clinical trial using the Big Mind process to enhance awareness and reduce stress in patients with coronary artery disease. She believes that health can be maintained or restored by self awareness, owning the emotional content of one’s life and experiencing the scope of who we truly are. Big Mind is an experiential process drawing on the wisdom of western psychology and the eastern wisdom traditions and really a fantastic tool to unlock the wisdom that resides is each and every one of us.



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