Yoga Philosophy Weekend Open to Public

The philosophy weekend on December 28 – 30 will be open to the public.

This weekend is part of “A Philosophical History of Yoga” series.   The series is presented, in part, to give emphasis to yoga as a living and breathing tradition that evolves over time rather than a static set of philosophical values etched in stone at a past date and finally unearthed for the modern west.  The latter is a fiction sold through yoga marketing and, in fact, not the reality which is much more rich and rewarding.

Past weekends have focused on The Vedic Era, Pre-Classical Times, the Axial Age, the Influence of Buddhism, the Samkayans, and the Great Mythic Age.

This weekend will focus on the Classical Period of Yoga – Patanjali, The 8 Limbs of Yoga, and Vedanta.  It will also focus on the Classical period’s evolution into Tantra and Hatha Yoga.

Teachers:  Alex Pfeiffer and Swami Allan Ajaya.

The public cost will be $199 for the weekend.

More info to come.


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